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ACD Group Pty Ltd 


ABOUT THE CLIENT:  A family owned business located on the Central Coast, with a constant stream of structural steel projects located in Sydney, their main clientele being other corporate businesses they wanted to what they offer: high-quality metal fabrication services. They also wanted to move their business online and have a website that reflected this too. This website too includes the specifics of their services and past projects which were provided by those who work at ACD Group.​






MY ROLE: Redesigning their business logo to suit ACD Groups preferences and goals. This job included designing business cards, signage, and a website, as well as photographing finished projects.



Logo: April 2017

Business Cards: May 2017

Website: January 2018






Pure Gem Beauty



ABOUT THE CLIENT: Pure Gem Beauty is owned by the bright and bubbly Jamie. It is Jamie's belief that all women should treat their skin like precious gems. She provides a social media presence and marketing for SeneGence Beauty products with the hopes of selling other products in the future. 



July 2018