Wild Womb Co.

ABOUT THE CLIENT:  Liz is a lady whose passionate about educating women about their bodies. Her business is social awareness. Her brand focus is mostly on her Instagram and relies heavily upon engagement. When designing her logo we needed to focus on what would stand out in this space the most.

MY ROLE: Collaborating with Liz to create a unique, powerful and feminine brand image. Liz had a lot of ideas and potential aesthetics in mind for her brand but nothing that she was completely sold on. Together we were able to narrow down a colour palette and decide on the kinds of symbolic and typographic representation her online presence should have.



September 2019



Skin Deep Beauty Specialist

ABOUT THE CLIENT:  Beauty Specialist Renae is an incredible local beautician whose business has only excelled in the last year. People love her services, her extensive knowledge of beauty treatments and her consistent effort to ask her clients for feedback.  

MY ROLE: Redesigning her business logo to suit Renae's next steps for her services & products.
This meant considering how the design might be used on social media, business cards, signage, and a website. Renae was an excellent client to collaborate with because she knew what she liked and I had the skills to execute what she wanted.



October 2019



ACD Group Pty Ltd 


ABOUT THE CLIENT:  A family owned business located on the Central Coast, with a constant stream of structural steel projects located in Sydney, their main clientele being other corporate businesses they wanted to what they offer: high-quality metal fabrication services. They also wanted to move their business online and have a website that reflected this too. This website too includes the specifics of their services and past projects which were provided by those who work at ACD Group.​






MY ROLE: Redesigning their business logo to suit ACD Groups preferences and goals. This job included designing business cards, signage, and a website, as well as photographing finished projects.










Logo: April 2017

Business Cards: May 2017

Website: January 2018






Pure Gem Beauty



ABOUT THE CLIENT: Pure Gem Beauty is owned by the bright and bubbly Jamie. It is Jamie's belief that all women should treat their skin like precious gems. She provides a social media presence and marketing for SeneGence Beauty products with the hopes of selling other products in the future. 



July 2018




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